A Day In The City.
Project info

This is a short photographic series capturing a day in NYC. This was my first trip to the city since the beginning of the pandemic. The streets were calm and somewhat quiet as I spent most of my time outside walking Manhattan. These peaceful moments capture the way New York felt to me on this day. The weather was beautiful and people were enjoying quiet moments in the greatest city in the world. While the day was wonderful, I knew that this was an unusual experience in a city typically roaring with energy. I wonder, what’s next? Will she come roaring back to before? Will she evolve?

Street photography with a Hasselblad is an unusual approach, but I think it gives the viewer a unique perspective and I love the beautiful depth of 6x6 medium format photography. Having only 12 frames per roll of film, I needed to be extremely selective in the moments I captured. I would find a composition, set my camera and wait for a story to develop, taking 1-2 frames per scene.

I develop, scan and digitize all of my work at my home studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

Location: Manhattan, New York, NY

Camera: Hasselblad 500cm

Lens: Zeiss Distagon 50mm

Film: Cinestill 800t

Filter(s): 85b