What Was Lost to 2020
Project info

News coverage of the pandemic seemed to unintentionally bleed into my art. It was obvious and tangible yet still very unspoken the things that were missing: cancelled flights, spaced out chairs to keep people apart, completely empty restaurants, malls, bars, and streets in general. It seemed clear to me that I couldn't pretend it wasn't there, and I couldn't selectively choose anything else to focus on. Thus, this idea to portray these things that have been lost and these things that we took for granted started to take shape. I wanted to highlight the shell of the lives we are living, the echoes of a past life that we never thought would change. In coming up with these themes, I found that reflection, shadow and shape were very instrumental in my composition. I wanted to photograph many aspects of what I was feeling, and the outlines seemed to happen naturally. Ideas started to form about how reflections in glass, puddles, or our shadows can represent alternate universes. They came to be indicative of the lives we've left behind, and all the things that have been lost in the last year.