Real Life and Real Story
Project info

This is the brief story of my contest photo.

As I am a street photographer, I usually wander to capture the real things for documentary and street photography around the city,Yangon, which is the second capital of Myanmar. One day, I had an idea to take some photos at a large wet market because I felt like it is one of the places full of interesting stories that reflect real lives. When I got there, I was searching for a place to take photos for good lighting and composition. While taking some photos there, I found a man carrying chickens for slaughter from a slaughterhouse. Then, I was excited waiting in a well-lit place in front of it to capture him for a great position. I eagerly took the decisive moments from him when he came out. I like this photo because it can describe the real life of the mankind who are struggling for their living and eating, expressed by his exhausted and sweaty face, half-naked with sunburned skin.