The New American West
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The New American West

In the early twenty-first Century the American west remains much as it was centuries ago but countless miles of highways now crisscross the land. The arrows implanted in the earth along old Route 66 allude to the original inhabitants while graffiti in Utah reminds us of the white man’s introduction of Christianity to this hemisphere.

Humans show our presence even in our absence. A flag flying over an empty rain soaked highway shows pride unlike a tire discarded along the side of an interstate. That same upside down flag sends a chilling unintended message that all is not well in America. We impact the land and in turn impact the landscape of our own psyches.

There are endless opportunities to find images along the streets and highways in this often starkly empty landscape. The metaphorical interweaving of time and place intrigues me. I continue to add new photographs to this body of work which now includes 100 images.

These photographs are presented as archival gelatin silver prints and archival carbon pigment prints.