Behind Glass
Project info

Behind Glass is a series of portraits of primates in captivity. I make the photographs in the monkey houses of small zoos, mostly in Europe. Often I find myself gazing into the eyes of a monkey, his hand touching the glass wall that separates our worlds. Primates especially are able to remind people of the undeniable connection between man and animal, and this feeling evokes a memory of a time when man was part of nature. The pictorial style of these photographs stresses both the beauty of the animal and the sense of nostalgia for a green world. These photographs should be a voice for the animals. I produced a teaching packet to accompany the exhibition; activities are tied to curriculum standards in art, writing, and science. I assist animal non-profits in three ways: by making photo books for them to use as they wish, by licensing images at no cost, and by producing awareness raising gallery exhibits and blog essays. My goal is to produce a book of this series, proceeds of which will benefit a primate sanctuary.