Another Planet
Project info

While I was on a flight back home from a business trip heading to Haneda, I looked out the window and to my surprise, I discovered what appeared to be a bird’s-eye view of an overrun land. Over the next five or so years, I decided to visit this land for some reason or another.

The fields and mountains had been dug out over the years in order to produce sand and rocks for the capital development, and nature weathered down what was left. As a result, a unique landscape arose which looked almost that of another world.

The chaotic scenery created through a combination of human behavior and nature almost appeared to be that of an “another planet”, so I photographed in a way to continue my search.

Last year, the situation of that alien planet, which I visited frequently, suddenly had a dramatic transformation.

The deeply dug rock quarries were being used as disposal sites for contaminated soil from the unknown land and were packed with cloth and glass resin. In addition, vast vacant lots, where the sand had already been collected, now had countless solar power panels installed, with their black surfaces radiating in the light.

This new sight, created by the hands of man who live following their desires without fearing nature, is still not known to many.