Natural Forces
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Over the years, the Japanese have enjoyed blessings such as abundant, cleansing rain that falls in the forest. This rain in turn feeds streams that flow down mountains, running rapidly through small plains and its end, joins into the surrounding sea.

On the other hand, calamities such as landslides, floods, earthquakes and tsunamis - the power of overwhelming nature have repeatedly destroyed numerous houses and claimed a large number of human lives. It seems as if these disasters are but the price we pay for the blessings we enjoyed.

What's more, the landscape of Japan takes on a chaotic view, with structures built on steep and narrow land by the hands of a countless number of nameless people. These people have no define plan, and moreover, the government lacks strong leadership. Throughout their lives, these buildings deteriorate from the continued exposure to rain, wind, and sun; devastating quakes and the unimaginable brutal force of tsunami can only destroy them.

I have a strong sense of awe toward the overwhelming forces of nature that far human desires.