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Is there anything that can represent the spirit of the times more than looking at that neverending ongoing stage that the street is?
Walking along the streets in an experience of freedom, choice and curiosity: everyone moving onto this stage has the chance to become your own story.
Life there runs before our eyes with all the colors hues intersections it can be.
The question is: which mistery meeting my eye out there in the streets am I going to tell today with photography?
Which actor, light, shadow, plot among the uncountables ones is going to become part of me today?
As chosing him/her/it trough my eye is a way to narrate my own mistery.
I often chose children or, better, they chose me.
Children are true: they act in the streets being much more close to their truth than adults can be: trying to discover their secret is my way to learn looking, staying , living in the world myself.