Submission Review - Street Photography 2015
Project info

Street Photography Awards 2015

Between the lines project.
Between the lines, please read all what is written around You.
It is not only about a street photography or urban life but was meant to be the rehearsal of joining the abstract, geometrical dimensions in to reality.
I hope to be able to see in between the lines of the real and find my place in the world of aesthetic where time is stopped and unexpected, a bit surreal moments that are integral part of life.
The reality often seems to be too normal, too much seen and we are not able to notice how many extraordinary scenes are taking place close to us. Everyday surprising metaphysical theater is always open and invites us to take a seat. Discover abstract point of view, focus on incredible coincidence, don't be annoyed and try to find a hidden meaning and beauty of daily living.

This series is a selection of only candid street scenes.