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Metamorphosis is a biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching, involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change in the animal's body structure through cell growth and differentiation. Some insects, fishes,amphibians, mollusks, crustaceans, cnidarians, echinoderms and tunicates undergo metamorphosis, which is often accompanied by a change of nutrition source or behavior. Animals can be divided into species that undergo complete metamorphosis ("holometaboly"), incomplete metamorphosis ("hemimetaboly"), or no metamorphosis ("ametaboly").

Metamorphosis is a very personal project, it is about my daughter, but also about the eternal story of the change, of a child becoming an adult, a caterpillar going through the pupa stage and becoming finally a butterfly.
There have been some very difficult periods, darkness, but life moves on. E. is today (17) not any more in the pupa stage, she became a splendid butterfly.

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