Project info

From the experience of my childhood days, I have grown highly attached to the sceneries made from a mixture of human artifacts and nature. Until not long ago I visited the suburbs from the city frequently.

On one of these nights, I had chance meetings in WANGAN, the bay area of Tokyo where is spending my daily life. All of sudden a chaotic factory area and an old bridge which I am seeing ordinary in the daytime appeared as different sceneries that are lit by artificial light into the darkness in front of me.

For me, new sceneries which are purified by the action of darkness that is overwhelming force of nature and created by relief of essence there are wonder and very another world.

Since then I have been in accessible WANGAN thru the night and started this my creative works. I create photographic works with the special black-and-white film and the unique method of exposure to symbolize the purified sceneries without color information and keep the details of relieves carefully.

I feel obliged if my works could inspire people to rediscover wonder, beauty and preciousness in one’s own backyard even in modern daily life filled with too much information and vanities.