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Twins are beings than in addition to share the same genetic code, have an especial and intimate connection, based most of all, in which their lives happen in parallel and they do not conceive their existence like an only person but like a hybrid of physical equal appearances, that they disagree almost always in behaviors, which complements them and laces forever.

Twins have not slipped by throughout the humanity's history. They have been object of curiosity, fascination, and also rejection in some cultures. In the myths and legends of the antique are quoted to Castor and Pollux, inseparable brothers in all his adventures. When Castor was assassinated, his brother renounced his immortality to be close to him. Since that moment the Gods divinize them and join their destinies forever.

This theme, according to what we have carried out an investigation, it has not been approached in the Cuban photography and as it touches us very closely for our condition of twins, we were motivated to develop a photographic documentary series to show the everyday life of twins in the socio-cultural context in which they become unwrapped. It is a series that we will obey enriching to the end of our lives.