Jama Mazjid Stories
Project info

Few of the great photographs especially from Steve Mccurry and and local photo walks gave enough courage for me to walk into Jama Mazjid with a camera ( being a Hindu ) . I have never been to a mosque earlier.

Initial days , I did not raise my camera , just observed , smiled at people & was quite reluctant to take some shots by getting close , later comfortable with time , I was determined to do a project and showcase what happens inside Jama Mazjid .

It became a personal contemplation & a Journey .

I immediately thought of getting away from clichés as this place has been so overdone being a tourist spot.

Like I always say , photography takes me to places that I would have never gone before . From prayers , to chit chat , picnic spot , children playing , its a mega-fair at India's largest mosque . This was shot for 2.5 yrs +