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Growing up I was brought up in two worlds. I was born in America, but my true heritage is Trinidadian.
My father was a missionary pastor, so from a young age we moved to Trinidad. During the age of 5-16, my family moved back and forth between Trinidad and America. During this time, I had(And still am) a hard time really understanding where I truly belong. By the time I would make friends in one place, it was time to pick up out steaks and move again. I had a hard time fitting in either culture, and I still do. At one point I remember not even seeing the point in making any friends or getting close to anyone knowing that as soon a friendship started, it would end.
Its interesting how the over it has affected my personality. This is not to say that the life of a missionary kid/pastor kid is a bad life at all. It's just that iv'e noticed I tend to be less open to be in a friendship, or relationship for that matter. I find it hard letting someone in, because whats the point, right?

Those images are a representation of me, always being ready to pick up my steak, and move on to the next destination, and never really having anyone there to make that next journey with me.