Disappearing lifestyles 1
Project info

This project is about lifestyles that are disappearing. Our modern society has less and less place for it.
Hovik Voskanyan is 59 years old, his wife Armine Vanesyan is 56. They live in Shaumyan, a hamlet in Armenia. Armenia is a poor country with few resources. A farm often is the best option to at least provide in own needs. In spring, as soon as the weather permits, the farmer’s couple attracts with their cattle into the mountains and lives there in a simple accommodation, actually, it's more a shack with veranda. There is no fixed electricity, no phone, no radio and no television. Water comes from the nearby flowing stream. They reside there to around mid-October, as long as the weather permits and no snow is falling. Also the cattle then goes back to the village to stay on stable during the winter.
During the summertime their live runs according to a virtually identical daily rhythm.