Cape Peninsula
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The Cape Peninsula stretches for some 80 Kms south of Cape Town up to Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Traditionally Cape Peninsula's southern tip is considered the divide between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, although the southernmost tip of Africa is actually Cape L'Agulhas.

Along Cape Peninsula there are rocky and sandy beaches of unbelievable beauty. There is strong wind for most of the time, the sky is often cloudy and sometimes, above all in winter, you wonder if you are in Africa or in Scotland! The weather changes quickly as the peninsula is quite narrow and its backbone is made out with mountains that reach 1,000 m of height on top of Table Mountain.

I like walking on these beaches and shooting long exposure images at sunset and twilight, when they look so remote and secluded that nobody would imagine they are so close to a 4,000,000 people city like Cape Town.