Great Karoo
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The Groot Karoo (Afrikaans) or Great Karoo (English) is the arid inland of South Africa, about 400,000 Km2 of plateaus, hills and mountains. It's a semidesert with very little rainfall, where until the end of the XIX Century huge herds of Springboks roamed in search of grass and water. It's a land of long straight roads, wide spaces and crystal clear night skies.

The only big city in the Karoo is Bloemfontein, the judicial capital of South Africa. Most settlements are small, sometimes connected by long untarred roads. You need a sturdy and reliable vehicle and remember to fill your tank whenever it is possible. The roads are long and dusty, but the wide open landscapes are unbelievably beautiful, and when you get to destination you will always find good and friendly people.