In The Airport
Project info

2008 - 2015

This is a planetary inter-state’s city or as an inter-city in between the Galactic bands. The space between the past and the future. Airport as an air port terminal with a take-off and landing in different time spaces. This environment's peculiar rhythm significantly emerge within a wide range of passenger thoughts and conversations. Different, how different is the world of cultures and dreams. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week every single airport lives through their own individual energy and at the same time, through the integrity of all the world’s airports.

In order to subjectively document the peculiar mood of various airports around the world, author used black and white film footage, thus highlighting the environment dreaminess and flowing vibrations, combining the world’s airports in one city, in one series of photographs - In the Airport.

In this way he aimed to create a stronger feeling of unreality and parallel dimension or the moment between the past and the future. He also tried to emphasize the spatial depth, dreaminess, irritability and individual inner flight of mental forms of thoughts before the actual takeoff physically.

Some passengers in the photographs are abstracted by thoughts, daydreamed or they are possessed by ignorance, confusion, tiredness or joy, but others - dreaming in the “real” sleep. Here the human consciousness is as immersed in its depths, reverie, exile, possibly unaware of their physical body location in the physical reality. It arises as a new double-parallel-reality thereby complementing some of the photographs with the existing forms in the environment, breaking down the boundaries between the imagery and the reality, urging spectators to look more carefully and pay attention to the surrounding elements complementary or on the contrary - contrasting.

For the author of this work, each and every airport reminded of the airport he has seen previously and every next one often felt like "déjà vu". Airport for him is like a preparation for something new, like a curtain for a new episode of life. They contain an equal vibration in their own way, where the reverie is inevitable like the inner flight in his own mental thoughts before each takeoff physically.

Below are listed 39 airports which has been inspired and where the series In the Airport has been created:

BOS (Massachusetts, USA); OMA (Nebraska, USA); MIA (Florida, USA); FRA (Germany); RIX (Latvia); BCN (Spain); AMS (Netherlands); FLL (Florida, USA); SJU (Puerto Rico); PHL (Pennsylvania, USA); LHR (United Kingdom); FCO (Italy); TRS (Italy); ARN (Sweden); ORD (Illinois, USA); TAV (Turkey); SIN (Singapore); MEL (Australia); ADL (Australia); ASP (Australia); SYD (Australia); CPH (Denmark); BWI (Maryland, USA); FPO (Freeport); MUC (Germany); STN (United Kingdom); TBS (Georgia); TLL (Estonia); IAH (Texas, USA); MSY (Louisiana, USA); DFW (Texas, USA); CZM (Mexico); ATL (Georgia, USA); CDG (France); LGW (United Kingdom); BUD (Hungary); MCO (Orlando, FL); OSL (Norway); LTN (United Kingdom)