New Realm Portraits
Project info

These photographs are an extension of explorations in sculpture, kinetics and light that have been going on for many years in my work. The complex material-based design processes in the sculptural research naturally lead to machines that move and find mechanical expression in real time by employing photography, video processes, and projected light/images. My focus ultimately realigned to the realization that the phenomenon of light and other artifacts from my sculpture could be utilized to create another source of visual expression.

The photographs expand my visual language and in turn build upon the history of photography. My photographs are both abstract and concrete. The starting point lies in analog procedures (involving LED, incandescent, refracted and reflected light) and finding strategies of capturing images that suggest simulated life forms, objects and structures. My quest is to locate and record these ethereal images/entities that teeter on the edge of what we (the viewer) would find knowable.

The images form a conciliatory relationship between themselves and the viewer; between abstraction and literal images. An unexplored world of my own creation is opened, one that contains objects and life forms that critique their own spiritual veracity or ephemerality perched on an edge between substance and formlessness.