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mongolia 2012

Mongolia: an inner journey, mainly.
A whole planet of spatial immensity and apparent time suspension, in which everything elicits a personal inner look.
A land ruled by elementary, atmospheric, unstoppable forces. The power of elements is such that man has to muster all his energies in order to harmonize with the environment, without trying to fight its extremes. A land of threshold between those extremes, of co-existence of opposites, of delicate equilibrium between eras, continents, mental and cultural worlds. Complementarity without conflict.
Old gestures sum up and are repeated, while alternating light and dark rule this world. Everything co-exists, immutably, in an uninterrupted expansion of time and space:
infinity and man, embodying the finite; history and the present; Asia and Europe; East and West; buddhist and shamanic Mongolia and the Russian legacy; nomadism and sedentariness (the latter motivated by the dzud, exceptionally severe winters, and desertification); isolation and forced promiscuity inside the gers (Mongolian yurts).
August 2012: I've travelled through Mongolia and the Gobi Desert, 2,500km off road, watching horizons get farther and farther.
From the very first days, these lines by Emily Dickinson have accompanied me:
"There is a solitude of space
A solitude of sea
A solitude of death, but these
Society shall be
Compared with that profounder site
That polar privacy
A soul admitted to itself –
Finite Infinity."
A new concept of void, of infinity, of horizon.
An inner journey, precisely.

finite | infinity | infinito | finito
Photographs by Claudia Ioan
Festival della Fotografia contemporanea
(Festival of Contemporary Photography)
19th-21st June 2015

Palazzo ex-Pretura
Via Garibaldi 18
Sassoferrato (AN)
19th June-12th July 2015