Offerings: Saving Grace
Project info

Offerings: Saving Grace. Inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony and the gesture of lifting the tea bowl as an offering, acknowledging our gratitudes and our concerns, I began this project in response to all the things we may take for granted that are teetering on the edge of extinction.
Some images are meant to offer a retreat from the chaos of today's world, some help me ponder on the beauty all around me, others let me reflect on past journeys and welcome the viewer to join me. As an artist, finding a balance between political engagement and the inner creative drive is a huge challenge, especially during these last years.
These are all digital collages utilizing photographs I've taken over the years and melding them with photos of tea bowls, many of which I've made myself in the last two years, when Covid isolation led me back to clay, my passion in my twenties and thirties, before turning to mixed media work.