Reality / Imagination_Uninhibited Life
Project info

I photograph the tide as visual metaphor to explore the interaction which takes place between cultures when one lives permanently in a foreign land.
The cultures automatically interact with each other in a motion that is instantly fluid and turbulent, just as the sand and tide interact. It’s a constant movement in unison where each always retains it’s distinctive characteristics, and creates a duality that is always present even when invariably one or the other is passing at the very bottom of that motion.
That interaction between the cultures does not only manifest itself internally. It can also be external as visible with what is going on at the moment with the migrants in Europe and/or how immigrants are basically viewed in the climate currently existing in the USA.
The constant intermingling of that duality is ever there.
This ongoing series is a body of work of 80 images that were edited from hundreds of images shot over the past 5 years. The images are squarely rooted in the tradition of Elliott Erwitt, Jay Maisel, Eugene Smith, and sport photography. They are as they are in the instant shot