Fences fron the "Border Line" Series
Project info

During the last 15 years, Venezuela has passed through a complicated process of social, political, economic and cultural changes. The so called "Bolivarian Revolution" lead by Hugo Chávez, started with a referendum to rewrite the constitution in order to implement broader policies to benefit the people. One of them was the rights to the land with a new concept of "private" and "public" property, called "social property" which give more power to the people to claim undeveloped and unproductive "private" land. Until then, the 75% of the agricultural "private" land was in the hands of 5% percent of the population, reason why the government has implemented an aggressive land policy to reverse the equation, with positive and negative results. This allowed for the establishing of new "border lines " and boundaries between public and private spaces. In this series I explore the meaning of the fences as boundary landmarks within the so called "new habitats". Basically, areas of public badlands that the people have converted into social housing areas. The frontal and linear, cinematic approach, re enforces de idea of a line establishing a topographic boudary betwen the public and the private.