A School for Peace
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Young people from different cultures and countries generally identified by history as enemies come to Rondine (Swallow in English) from places around the world: the Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, America. The reality from which each of them comes generated suspicion, mistrust, resentment, hatred and revenge. Here they meet the enemy for the first time, they look at it, touches them, speaks. Accept the challenge of living together, they bring into play to break down the walls that separate peoples, that fuel violence and destruction.
People there study to become the leaders of tomorrow and peaceful return to their countries as ambassadors of peace, able to bring a new voice of hope.

Living in Rondine, they leave behind convictions fed for years by propaganda and here begins the change... And at the end of their course they find to have a new vision of the world, but especially... the chance to change the future of their country becoming Ambassadors of Rondine and peace.

In 2015 the Association Rondine has been nominated for the Nobel peace.