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Over 8 years as I've travelled all over the world, I've consistently found that photographing the photographers at many locations is more interesting than the site itself. Almost everywhere is now photographed intently on a daily basis. My particular interest is how people suspend their connection with their surroundings while they concentrate on capturing the perfect image.
People photograph themselves, each other, each other photographing each other and anything else they come across that catches their eye.
What I've also noticed, is that this is not limited to a particular region, culture, nation, wealth, religious affiliation, age or any other factor. It just may well be the most unifying and democratic human habit of the modern era.
There is also a continual sharing of images, particular as it relates to travel, and we can all now get a constant stream of real time updates from friends and family. Perhaps it's the newest version of writing a postcard and putting 'Wish you were here' on it before sending it off back home.
One thing is certain, the photography craze shows no signs of abating.