Sense Of Guilt
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Sense Of Guilt

Brutality of human nature depicted as distorted love of bobby and ken

There have been numerous controversies on Barbie doll owing to its inborn duplicity and abnormal figure.
Despite these critics, Barbie doll is still an idol for many children and women. Besides it’s been a long time to appear black Barbie dolls by a lot of disputes and there is discrimination between white and black Barbie dolls like the real world. People’s dual aspect and mentality towards Barbie doll became the motive of choosing Barbie doll as a main material for my work.
Those like the fleeting moment before a traffic accident, murder, or voyeurism actually do exist, but to the most people who are lucky enough not to experience any of these, they are just some other people’s business.
Depending on the viewer’s subconsciousness and experience, a piece of photo can evoke completely different kinds of inspirations.

I made the new familiar time and space that looks like a real world where Barbie dolls actually live.
I express brutality of human nature with distorted love of bobby and ken.