Lo inefable 2010 y 2015. (Dedicado a mi tío Charly)
Project info

Project inspired by the neoplatonic philosophy of the macrocosm and the microcosm; looking for the same patterns in a given object, two images are combined. Two images that refer to the macro and micro of such referent and in the heart of the system, man, with his ability to relate, synthesize, and assimilate these concepts; the creator. Relationships between the concrete and the abstract are established by putting the definitions themselves to the test as the concrete is more abstract.

From the general to the particular and it seems that nothing has changed. When you walk through the Vatnajokull, you have the feeling that everything fits perfectly with an overflowing eloquence.

As if it were an epiphany, I was engrossed for hours, all directions lost to me, and not knowing quite well where I was, because everything was where it needed to be.

All creaked, with the thaw, with a mellifluous song and I.... I felt a sleepwalker.

Five years later, all that is still alive and will never be forgotten.