Wild Violets
Project info

Wild Violets is not about one thing but many. I wanted to create memories based around childhood, the ordinary everyday things that sometimes are lost as adults. My family and I moved from a busy and successful life in Sydney, Australia to rural Queensland where the land is harsh but the life is simple and basic and full of nature. We live on a 9 acre farm with our two girls and many animals. I am not sure I want to call it a documentary, it's a personal look into the lives of these two amazing young women growing up, the myriad of experiences that life brings, love, loss, tragedy and much happiness.

So often in life these days we only see glossy editorial imagery, I wanted this to be a real account of life with all the things that we do. Things as simple as eating an icey pole on a hot 40 degree day, swimming in rivers, playing, eating, I find it all fascinating. Sometimes though I don't take pictures I soak up what they are doing, that's an important part of the project, I don't want to miss them growing up because I have my head stuck behind my camera. I have had to learn patience and not to photograph everything. The results have so far been incredibly rewarding.