Comunication is not a mechandise
Project info

This work was carried out following DTL! Comunicacion Popular, an Argentinian collective for over a year. A group that since 2007 creates and strength alternative radios for the communities. On one hand, giving workshops in several meetings or in political, social and cultural organizations. Furthermore, they build transmitters and antennas for free; eliminating the economic and technological frontier, and opening access to communication to poorest sectors of society and ambient conflict zones. Once everything is ready, part of the collective take his bags and equipment, and take the road without fear of kilometers. For several days the members of DTL! occupies the floors of the houses of their comrades with sleeping bags and deployment tools.
Raise the tower, hang antennas, install and calibrate the transmitter are some of the steps of creating a radio. A moment shared between members of the group and future users of community radio, the neighbors. When a new community radio is born, is no competition for the others, but a point of a solidarity network that is growing stronger.
This photographic work is a gateway to alternative media, their varied geographic and social realities. A cultural space, a house in the middle of the field or a deprived neighborhood. An assembly of neighbors, a political organization or just a group decided to influence and change part of their everyday reality. A world of links between the air and the earth, between the way of the voices towards other horizons and the way to the organization, solidarity in the ground. Communication is not a merchandise. It is energy, hope and a first step to democracy and freedom of speech.