Project info

When we see the tree in brightness,can we see the fairy or the spirit or the god in the nature?
In this work , I try to visualize some kind of the fairy or the spirit or the god in the photography which is coming from the animism.
The paintings, the sculptures, the dancing the literature support the religion in the history.
We can find the sign “No photograph” in the church,the mosque and the temple.
People think that the photography is the opposite position media to the religion.
This is the reason why I start this project.
I found that light effects of religious paintings in middle century are the effective technique to show the animism on the photograph.
The animism is the primitive religion.I try to show it on the photograph as the 170 years old new media.
Even now, people believe in the fairies or the gods in the nature in Japan.It is the Japanese original religion called “Shinto”.
Especially the trees have special meanings in the Japanese Shinto shrine.
I have visited many countries.Before Jesus,Allah and Buddha people believe the animism worldwide.