GALATA BRIDGE | Freedom, Fishermen and Refugees
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Freedom, Fishermen and Refugees
The Galata Bridge in Istanbul, a symbol for connecting East and West, for the melting of cultures and for simultaneously close but apart worlds, is above all a space of hopes and dreams. Under the Bridge, where young transcultural lovers gather, where their dreamful views set sale upon the decent waves of the bay towards a world with freedom of love and without boundaries. Under the Bridge in some café or fish restaurant some refugees relive their escape. Through the clouds of some oriental cigarette, distant eyes reflect loss and alienation and words drop heavily, already slightly blurred from some heavy raki. Some tables away an old stranded, speaking Turkish like an American and English like a Turkish, laughs out the blues of life and besieges the young lovers with compliments and the idea of a soon marriage. From time to time the waters give way to a flying fish, following an invisible line vertically up in the sky into the lucky hands of its hunter.