The faces of the crisis
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Four years after the beginnig of the crisis in 2008, the social situation in Spain carries on a decadent present time and an uncertain future. The recent government change in November 2011, whith Mariano Rajoy' s right wing party in power, is oppressing even more the lower and middle working classes, which have been already compromised by a massive and rising unemployment rate.
The bad administration of economy and work disposed the conditions for a new kind of poverty. Thousands and thousands of people lost their jobs and have little opportunities to find a new one, seeing themselves forced to make a choice between providing for their families or keeping on paying the bills.
The consequences are catastrophic.
The banks demand their money, and these families are left to return their houses as well as to keep on paying the mortgage to clear their debts. Even if they no longer own the place.
Living conditions for these people have become extremely precarious.
Many of them need to tell their story and to be heard: it' s the only power they can count on after loosing everything.
Catalonia is one of the regions that counts a greatest number of these cases and in which this reportage took place, throughout the year 2012.