Vita Morte Vita
Project info

In 2013 I had the pleasure to met Nives Nissi, a talented writer of poems, actress and teacher of humanities.. We decided to do something together and from this idea was born the project ebook “Vita Morte Vita” create artwork based on the emotions they aroused her poems it was very interesting, a poetic storytelling of images and words. Introduction and poems written in our native tongue, the delicious Italian.Words and images interact constantly within this work, creating a balance alchemical magic and captivating flavor….Here some artwork included in the ebook
Currently on sale on my website available also in many others library on line as: amazon, kokobooks, googlebooks, Lafeltrinelli ecc
My artwork "Nè veglia nè sonno" included in the ebook "Vita Morte Vita"has been selected by Saatchi Gallery of London for appearing displayed in rotation with other selected artworks on the screen of the prestigious Saatchi Gallery London.

Vita Morte Vita
artwork made by Alessandra Minotti
Poems written by Nives Nissi
Review: written by Cinzia Guadalaxara