A day by the River
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" A day by the River " August 2013 Photo by Noa Sheizaf.
In the summer of 2013 family members of mine who live in the United States came to Israel for a visit. We only get to see each other every few years, but when we do meet it’s great fun and feels like we’ve never been apart. My cousin Inbal brought her boyfriend Blake and small daughter Hannah to Israel for the first time. Blake, who grew up in a devout Mormon Christian family was curious to see Holy Christian sites, and my sister and I, and cousins and family members were happy to oblige.

It was August and record heat, we looked for a cool shaded spot, and since Blake is a seasoned traveler and sworn river lover we decided to take him to the only river that our dry land knows and “by chance” is one of the holiest sites of Christianity – Jordan.
In the pictures I took on that trip I tried to capture the magic and beauty of the Jordan River and its tributaries and the wonderful day that we spent, full of laughter and experiences which became a special family memory.