Russian Garden
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Many people in Russia have their own lawn-and-garden lands, rather small shares of ground out of town. With vegetable beds, prolific trees and bushes, with a tiny house. Here people grow fruits and vegetables for their own family. But that's not all. These hard-working people build in the garden their own original world where they find consolation and rest from repellent fuss of town life and cheerless reality. They are happy to keep in contact with nature, learn to love the soil and plants. There they feel sole lords and masters of the land!
Gardeners, willing to settle down their mode of life and to gather the heavy harvest, turn out to have an out of common sharpness of mind and wittily re-equip various materials at hand. Any junk is of use. Sometimes these people turn their possessions into peculiar galleries of forms and installations without even knowing that. And then nature itself presents a new picture. It seems trees and bushes, flowers and root crops, houses and sheds have their own mind and strive to live in some kind of order, in special system of their green society. In a garden human and nature live in friendship. It feels well to be here. Who knows - understands.