“Oui au travail non a la mendicite”
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The Republic of Mali in West Africa.
The country was divided into two virtually by the armed uprising that broke out in the northern part in 2012.And military collision still continues here. Then a large number of refugees overflowed from the north.
Problems of a remarkable rise in prices and Lack of infrastructure development become serious with it in not only the area spreading out of the battle but also the southern part.
They took refuge from Gao and Kidal of the northern part where a battle intensified. And they helped each other here and began life. They are people with a physical disability by various reasons including a civil war. There’s nowhere else to go.
"Live in oneself" is to be common to them who with disabilities.
A German NGO established it with “Oui au travail non a la mendicite” as a concept here in 2003. But now most of the help does not receive it for reasons of the intensification of the civil war.
They chose that “We are dignified and live. Beg and do not live miserably, even if we suffer a disorder in a body, even if the difficult future was waiting us cause of the war.” They chose that do not abandon own existence in society.
They who live in deference to "dignity" as the human being are powerful and are dazzling and are beautiful.
I know, not only Africa, it is the situation same in countries of the world. In a true meaning "support." It do a help so that not only give money and a material, but also people living there can stand up in oneself. People like them. The specialized staff and environment of that purpose are not enough at all. This project wants to become the first step.