Midnight Angel
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Gap-widening society exists in Niger, even that country which is one of the MSAC.
Some people enjoy a foreign movie with drinking tea in the comfortable room that worked of the air conditioner.
On the other hand, most people living at house that was made with mud and soil. And suffers from the food everyday.

The gap-widening society influences marriage in such countries.
The bridegroom must pay large sum of money to the home of the bride to marry. It is a large amount of money vaster than the mean income of this country.
If there is not money, you cannot marry in this country.
Some may think to marry a daughter off for money.
It cannot be said that all marriage is so. But it is very difficult to live in this country.
The life of people is threatened. Everybody is desperate to live.

The Sahara covers an area of about three million square miles. Furthermore, it's spreading every year. Like a cancer cell attacking the African Continent.
West Africa, Niger.
The small bride who stayed of the innocence covers a whole body with cloth like a gift wrapped carefully and leaves the home.
In the darkness and silent, the car with an important gift runs quietly in a pitch-black town to hide from yellow sand dancing in wind.

Bridegroom HAMANI (47 years old)
And bride NAFISSA (18 years old)

This is day that a moment of their life best.
I was relieved to see the smile of bridegroom HAMANI that shameful and joyful.
However, there was no smile of the bride NAFISSA on that day.
I could not say goodbye only on this day and went to meet them after wedding ceremony several times.
But, I was able to never see a smile of NAFISSA.

Possibly 47 years old and 18-year-old marriage may include something except the love.
I want young NAFISSA still to smile from now on even if so.
And I wish that I want to see her smiles from the heart.