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Together, (ongoing).
I suggest that we change our attitude and perception on various relationships types including love, sexual, friendships and with ourselves. The social injunction imposes itself as an established norm with its heteronormative codes in our lives and in our relationships with others. Today, each individual creates their own model in order to find the best way that resonates with their soul. The people that agreed to pose for the series live their relationships outside of the romantic love pattern. All of the individuals are either lovers, in polyamory relationships, trans or non binary peers, into non labeled relationships, the spectrum is large and does not stop to that, it is only to name a few examples. Sentimental exclusivity and romantic love are valued components in our society. How would it be possible to redefine the contours of love relationship ? How could we question the sentimental norm or stop to project our believes on others ? Relationships shouldn’t be put in competition nor prioritised, they should co-exist. Each individual in the series create their own reference system which includes transparency, autonomy, compersion, empowerment, or to simply let them live as as they wish.