Project info

The Maddox Watch Co. is comprised of Al Maddox, approaching 90, who has been fixing watches in Lower Manhattan for about 65 years. Mr. Maddox makes a living because he is one of the few who still practices this old-fashioned craft. People who have vintage watches or watch collectors find him. He works hard to preserve items of style and status, which have been superseded by electronic technology because he is a type of artist. A painter learns how to use many different techniques and colors, while Maddox knows where any type of watch part might be for any type of watch. He can breathe life into a set of apparently useless gears. He fixes the unfixable for people who still care. Mr. Maddox is passionate about tiny details the world has forgotten and this provides his pure joy in being of service to others who otherwise would not have their meaningfully invaluable trinkets ticking.