To build a home
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The status of human kind has been like an ongoing paradox, specially in my country Lebanon, where the number of refugees is on an equal ratio with it's locals.
Always looking for the extra flair, the untold story and the reality that is hidden in the moment, i stayed a couple days at the Bekaa, south of Lebanon, refugee camps in order to capture the fleeing truth.
Being a refugee is in itself a delicates, soul food for the media, which they have been abusing for countless years.
In this series i wanted to show the bliss that one can bring to his loved ones regardless of the horrific situation he/she might be going through.
Exchange the sorrow with the smiles and the faith they welcomed me with, an ongoing story telling.
The resilience that the refugees at the Bekaa camps in the south of Lebanon have to "Build a home" come what may.

Maya Alameddine