Star-Off, Kosovo
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A blue background with the outline of the nation drawn in yellow and above six white stars, referring to the six ethnic communities present in the country.
This is the official flag of Kosovo, designed after the war and with the new constitution.
Each of the six stars represents a different community present in the country: Albanians, Serbs, Turks, Rae, Bosnians and Gorani.

A beautiful intent is to form a multi-ethnic country but which in reality has found many difficulties in being implemented.
Some of the minorities are in fact strongly discriminated against and disadvantaged and in particular the Roma minority of the country, called RAE.

My story speaks of them and the condition of about 30 RAE families visited following the volunteers of Caritas in Klina, with a particular eye on the women and children who suffer from these conditions more than others.

Recently, many countries have closed its borders to and from Kosovo due to a leap in coronavirus infections that also hit Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti.
My thoughts immediately went to many of these families who were already in serious condition.