a pebble
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There is a pebble. And the pebble is here.
I wondered how many billions, if not hundreds of billions, of these stones were in the Oi River alone, and I couldn't see the stream from the riverbank. I can't see the flow from the riverbank, but I can see the stones continuing all the way to the mountains across the river.
Perhaps it was because of the warning signs that warned of the sudden increase in water volume due to the release of water from the dam upstream, but there was no one on the riverbank.
When I actually stood on the stones, I found it difficult to walk, and it was difficult to move even a hundred meters.
The shape and size of the stones were something I could not have known from the Shinkansen bullet train or aerial photographs.
The stones were arranged by chance and seemed to be ready to change places again soon.
It is immediately apparent that no two stones have the same shape. The same shape is never possible.
Stones from the crumbling and chipping of the bedrock descend the valley and eventually become sand.
All of that mind-boggling movement and change of form is accidental, and all of the confluence is temporary.
There are no minerals here that people have given value to, like diamonds, but these stones are certainly there, and they are just there.
The reason why I wanted to pay attention to each of them was because the river seemed to be telling me that the natural order of things in the flow of eternal time does not produce stones of the same shape.My mind quieted down as if it was in tune with the unconsciousness of the large number of stones in front of me.
On the other hand, I am afraid that this coincidence is continuing on a tremendous scale.
I looked at the surface of the many stones at my feet. I picked up a stone and decided to pick it up.
Not to think too much about it, but just before I picked it up, I realized that I was choosing a stone.
It was somewhat similar to the feeling of asking a stranger for directions, and I was looking for someone who would accept me if they could.

It was a matter of extracting some of the stones from the large amount of stones on the riverbank. And that there are many stones not to choose.
If you ask me why I chose them, I could give you some reason. But the words don't seem to be true.
There are stones that I choose, and I am certainly picking them up with my own hands.
I am just looking at what I am doing.