Ore contate
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People of my generation are educated, study in the best Italian and European Universities, travel and work abroad and overseas. After that, people need to make do with what they have: an ordinary job for a few euros. When we start to work we are forced to do temporary jobs where the equation between time and money is not balanced. In spite of the great amount of acquired skills, just few people achieve to sign a real contract which is the base for their future.
The others are stock in uncertain short term contracts stealing their time and giving no reward back. Those who do not have a formal education experience the same frustration: they have to content themselves with what they find. They are as prepared as the others since they rolled up their sleeves and get involved into the job market since the beginning.
In my country, the sense of oppression, alienation and skepticism you feel when talking to people is undeniable. So, I decided to portray people experiencing this situation in order to create a photographical census: an ‘army’ of men and women struggling while offering their time and skills to an ungrateful country. Time is a precious good, yet intangible and currently luxurious.
I started by picturing friends and then I met people with whom I discuss about past and present but who have no clue about their future. I have no solution nor recipe to solve the problem. Nevertheless, since I am part of the struggling army, I felt the need of letting my voice being heard and being loud.