N.N.I.P.A.S (2013 - Work in progress)
Project info

N.N.I.P.A.S (Nous N’Irions Pas Si) is the result of a collaboration between three photographers, an illustrator and a writer.

The project is simple: during a couple of days, we confront ourselves to a place -usually a city- where we would not have gone if we had not been together and if a master of ceremony hadn't imposed us to go.

The ambition of N.N.I.P.A.S. is to deliver an interpretation of this place by providing a visual, graphic, textual and sonorous universe, created from situations experienced by the participants; to bring up a world by combining different media and materials of expression within a collective creation.

These situations shape the stories' organization in order to create one unique story. A story of people who would never have gone there if…