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In the summer of 2000,
I came to the snowy peaks at the source of the Ganges
in the North Indian Himalaya.
“The mountaintop is where the sea begins.”
Those were the words of the Hindu monk who guided me.
They were the point of departure for a photographic journey.
I was drawn as if by gravity from the mountains to the sea.
I saw where the Ganges flows from the glaciers of North India,
learned I was a citizen of the solar system on the high desert of Ladakh,
slept by the ocean in the Andaman Islands,
strolled through the ancient towns of South India,
turned into a monkey in the rain forests of Madagascar,
dissolved into the Seychelles sea.
I let my body wander where it would,
and it took me on a journey that led back
to the homeland of my cells.