"Neighbors at peace" Julay 2014 - on going
Project info

"Neighbors at peace" are Jews & Arabs from Wadi A'ara Israel that operate & call for mutual peaceful sane life in Israel.

The group joined together in response to the Incitement and violence atmosphere that rose in Israel during "Tzuk Eitan" operation – Gaza war. The country flooded with hate and racism from both sides, Jews & Arabs shouted hate one at each other. The social networks and media were full with Incitement and violence.
During the war for 9 weeks, every Friday hundreds Jews & Arabs stood together as a human chain at wadi A'ara junctions and raised a call for mutual peaceful sane life in Israel.
Since September 2015 daily terror attacks happens around Israel. Those events aroused the mutual hatred and racism and led "Neighbors at peace" out again to wadi A'ara junctions.