Family 2015
Project info

Mudslides, tree huts , stick collections and make believe worlds..... the everyday for our children .
We live a modest life on a 10 acre property without TV or conventional schooling... a lifestyle we hope will allow our children to run , play and connect with the natural world.

I believe children belong covered in mud, running piggy back through nature. They belong wild and free and Earth-connected in a way that you can't tell where the landscape begins and their little souls end.

I photograph to document to create a visual diary , a record to preserve these days.... the adventures are small … but the images help me see the beauty in the ordinary, the dirt , the tears, the mess, the chaos, the innocence , the wonderment.
Sometimes there is great light and sometimes the mudslides are spectacular... but most days I just take pictures because they are just filthy crazy wild little muppets …. thats it … it's not deep...just is. Wild and free.