Submission Review - Visual Storytelling 2015
Project info

Annabel Oosteweeghel is a professional photographer based in Noordwijk , The Netherlands. She recently published her photobook ‘Oblivious’ – a collection of finest images from her various projects and series. These are visual narratives that can be arranged to create an abstract or linear stream of stories. Annabel’s education in film helps her in forming a better view to make her viewers focus and comprehend her work.

My submission 'I won't say goodbye' part of the second series in my book 'Oblivious'.

Most of the images of ‘Oblivious’ strike loneliness, ennui, alienation, separation… but there’s solace and harmony in images where there are two characters in the view. They complement each other and form an image that is alleviating.

“I don’t make it more beautiful than it is, I make it as beautiful as it can be.”

That one second:

… when the sunlight is just right
… when your hair is nice
… when all the colors fit together
… when your eyes are laughing
… when all is well

Everyone knows those moments and has those moments every day. That’s what I want to show. Therefore I prefer to work on location and that is why my images are recognizable. Accessible.

My photos and movies are not more beautiful than the reality. They are as beautiful as the reality can be. I prefer to photograph people and their story. What they’ve been through, what they experience, what their feelings are and what they dream of.