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And in silence, where time seems
to stand still,
they ponder what life may have been... ‘What happened to the time, where we chased our dreams, our hearts beating faster?’
‘When we were young, what did we know about fulfilling a life together?’
Love comes and goes like the ebb and flow of the ocean.
And small gaps in their story highlight the loss which becomes obvious:
the end of life announces itself
subtly - the holding on to that which is known and the secret longing for
so much more...
Where did we lose each other? Where did we let each other down? Our thoughts vanish like mist and yet our disappointments linger...
As intangible as the breeze which blows through the curtains and seeks to cool, so are their thoughts and reflections. Are the whispers the only voices that can be heard?
Could life have been more beautiful?