This will be a beautiful end of the world
Project info

„It will be a beautiful end of the world”. This slogan, promoting von Trier’s movie “Melancholia” in Poland, dazzled me like a thunderbolt when I was in the sixth month of pregnancy. The film has already left the cinema screens, but it notoriously reminded itself on a billboard I passed, like remorse.

Von Trier’s cosmic catastrophe is sad and beautiful; it is the cry of helplessness imperceptibly turning into the act of creation. In the presented series, the symbol of Melancholy is a child approaching its birth, for which we were not ready. Wandering around entertainments typical for families with children we wondered how many things we have to give up, how much we have to change our world and tastes. After all, we are hooligans. Or maybe we never were ones?
Through presented pictures I try to show anxiety, cosmic apocalypse hanging in the air – my own. Private, incredibly beautiful annihilation.

In 1946, Tove Jansson has published “Comet in Moominland”. The book was written during the war, and although at first glance it looks childish, the stigma of the years 1939-45 fells on it. The plot of the novel is simple: the Moominland is touched by weather anomalies. Local philosopher, The Muskrat, believes that they are the herald of the coming end. Moomintroll and Sniff, concerned with the vision of the poet, decide to go out to a distant observatory to see the cosmos and find out what threatens Earth – a huge comet approaches to it, and the chances of avoiding a collision do not exist. Finally, the comet hits the Earth and destroys everything what it found there. Moomintroll’s family and friends survive due to the fact that they hid themselves in a magical cave, which protected them from the fire and temperature. When Moomintroll together with Snufkin are coming out of hiding, they see an empty space that begins to be filled up with the new world.